Shipbuilding is a sector where many different engineering disciplines take place, millions of related data are produced and many different actors are interacting. At the same time ships are always built for a final purpose, in a limited time frame, by using a limited budget, resources and most important of each ship is a unique product. Either in design phase or in building phase the target is to accomplish a business case and achieve performance criteria when the ship is put into service. Based on this definition it becomes easy to conclude that: Every Ship is a Project.

In this sector where there is no prototype production, important performance criteria of the ship such as speed and carriage capacity are defined at the beginning of the project. The guarantee to achieve these performance criteria lies underneath the correctness of the activities carried out during design stage. Delta Marine handles to each unique design as a project and manages the projects by utilizing project and ship design management methods that are accepted at international level. Correct decisions at the beginning of the project and the management of changes during the Project are key elements for success. Based on this understanding Delta Marine who manages all ship design projects with project management methods and smart and user-friendly software tools (RITMIQ), provides to its customer are necessary support for a successful shipbuilding project.

Delta Marine, with experienced engineering staff, presents services to manage the whole or a part of a ship design and building Project in a most efficient way in terms of time, resources and cost while at the same time keeping the information and documents produced during the project updated and rapidly accessible. In addition, Delta Marine may be of assistance as consultant to propagate the project management culture in the company and convert it into a standard management approach for effective applications. Delta Marine uses project management approach and methodologies especially customized for ship design and building projects. In this context a strong infrastructure that includes work breakdown structure, organizational breakdown structure, sub-project processes, project tasks, parameters such as time, resources, document, metadata, et. that are related to tasks is constructed.

A very expensive end product is obtained as a result of the ship design and building project after spending hundreds of thousands of labor and generating tens of thousands of documents. In order to get profit from such project and guarantee the performance criteria determined at starting point is possible if project management culture is adopted and applied with a result-oriented approach. Delta Marine with its experienced staff, utilizes all skills and knowledge in optimum level to make sure that the project becomes a success story.