Production engineering process includes the preparation of all documents and information needed for building operations of the ship whose the basic design is finished. At this stage a 3D CAD/CAM model which includes the ship’s general arrangement, structure, system components and material particulars in a database is developed. By using this 3D ship model, the data for machinery working with numerical information (e.g. plate cutting code for CNC machine) is produced and all documentation for different steps of the building is provided.

Delta Marine has a deep experience on the preparation of 3D production model of the ship with special CAD/CAM software applications on the basis of basic designs developed either in-house or by another design company. The main benefits of 3D production model for the building processes are cited below.

  Making an effective and efficient production planning
 Using areas and volumes more efficiently and avoiding clashes by a strong coordination between different systems or disciplines
  Creating opportunity to simulate the functions and improve the product
  Allowing a more precise weight control
 Keeping all material and particularity information of the ship in a single database and fast accessibility when needed
  Getting more precise information for cost estimation and pricing
  Producing more accurate and updated information for suppliers of material and equipment
  Preventing material waste with correct procurement information
  Fast and effective production of reports such as painting areas, weight and center of gravity information on the basis of ship’s part or block, list of steel plates and profiles which are important for production costing
  Enabling product lifecycle management capability

Production engineering services are provided in mainly two categories being hull production and outfitting. One of the important issues to consider at this stage is to guarantee the coherence and consistency of the content of basic design documentation which is approved by authorized classification society based on rules and regulations applicable during the building period and the production engineering documentation.