Thousands of different components are gathered in ship building project and in a sense a floating city is established. The ship should comply with many criteria including capacity, speed, energy efficiency, comfort, etc. based on up to date rules and customer requirements. Besides the budget and the profit target which are determined at the beginning of the project, are the main financial criteria. One of the most important issues to achieve all these criteria is the selection of ship’s components. On the road to succeed in the project, choosing optimum material and equipment in terms of economy and technique is a key factor.

Thanks to hundreds of previous ship building project experience, Delta Marine is capable to provide procurement and supplier relationship consultancy services to its customers. The cost benefit analysis is carried out considering the purpose of the Project and optimum solutions are suggested for issues covering the price, technical qualification, delivery terms, payment terms, second hand sales opportunities, spare parts and technical service. During the service benefiting from the past experiences Delta Marine could consider the delivery timing without obstructing the building process as well as the perspective, country and style of ship’s crew, owning and/or operating company and the main purpose to use the ship. These aspects are sometimes overlooked but may become an important setback in the progress. Finally, Delta Marine guarantees a healthy and sustainable lifecycle Management of the ship by high quality services for the procurement of the material and equipment that will be used in the ship.