Delta Marine aims to be one of the most reliable, pioneer and innovative ship design and consultancy companies in shipbuilding sector both at national and international scale by creating high quality designs and engineering solutions to build commercial/naval/ leisure ships and offshore structures.

Delta Marine’s understanding of high quality ship designs and engineering solutions refers to economical, comfortable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly design and engineering solutions that meet all of our customers' needs and expectations.

To achieve such quality level, Delta Marine, is committed,

   to establish, implement and maintain the principles of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System throughout the organization; to establish and develop the standards required to make business processes and activities into institutional assets.

   to develop customized design and engineering solutions tailored to customer needs to perceive, understand, define, conceptualize and meet all of our customers' needs and expectations,

   to continually improve all business processes that are implemented, by aligning with the current requirements and trends of sector, regulations and technology; to carry out internal and external trainings, to use lessons learned through the organizational knowledge database,

   to understand and meet the needs of employees, solution partners and subcontractors while improving their knowledge, creativity and competence,

   to adopt an innovative and solution-focused approach for implementing best engineering practices, by taking into account professional ethics, productivity and the environment.

Managing Director Date: 13 November 2017