A ship design project can be described as a set of processes that begins with a feasibility analysis, continues as conceptual and contractual design phases, connects with shipbuilding activities by production engineering and finally terminates after verification experiments and certification operations are finished. Within a ship design project various work disciplines such as naval architecture, mechanical engineering, industrial design, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, architecture, etc. get together and a harmony, a strong collaboration environment should be maintained to achieve a successful project.

Basic design services that include the conceptual and contractual design phases, occupy a very important era in the ship design project. In the scope of basic design, Delta Marine undertakes all necessary engineering work which comprise of arrangement of spaces and equipment, structural design, compartmentalization and intact /damaged stability, outer design for aesthetic look and at last a highly efficient hull form design which covers all previously cited works, to get a perfect performance from the designed ship. Using wide experience on numerous ship design projects for different ship types of various tonnages and most updated technological tools, Delta Marine presents high quality basic design services to its customers.