Delta Marine’s prolific academia produced two solution partners who contributes in formation of integrated shipbuilding solution concept. This effective triangular collaboration provides efficient and environment-friendly ships designed by Delta Marine, verified by Mesh and built by Omega Marine.

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Intagrated Shipbuilding Solution
OMEGA Marine Engineering & Energy Co. (Omega Marine)
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OMEGA Marine Engineering & Energy Co. (Omega Marine) is a contracting company which has been founded in 2002 to present high quality contracting and consultancy services for shipbuilding projects in marine sector.

Omega Marine whose origin is marine sector where various engineering disciplines are gathered and many different project actors are cooperating within dynamic business relationships, have gained the following competences throughout the years by working as main or subcontractor in many different shipbuilding projects; Turnkey new building projects Contracting services for the building of a part and/or a system of a ship Consultancy services including feasibility analysis and procurement By combining the rooted corporate knowledge developed for many years with application experience in important projects Omega Marine have the ability to define and manage all processes of a shipbuilding project with all concerned details starting from investment idea until the delivery. In order to provide high quality services Omega Marine's experienced staff that closely follow the economical and scientific development related to marine sector, ensures services of best quality and reliability for customer satisfaction while working in powerful and efficient cooperation. The staff has already contributed into many important and successful projects throughout the years.

Since its establishment, Omega Marine managed to serve their customers as subcontractor and/or consultant in building projects for ships of different type, size and complexity. As a result of this experience Omega Marine began to undertake turnkey new building projects that require being the only addressee against the customer for the safe delivery of the ship. Finally with their experienced staff and reliable solution partners Omega Marine create integrated shipbuilding solutions, meeting exactly the customer's requirements in terms of time, quality and cost.

MESH Engineering & Software Co. (MESH)
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MESH Engineering & Software Co. (MESH) founded in 2002, is a technology and solution consultancy firm established to present information technology based engineering solutions and software systems.

MESH whose background goes to marine sector where many engineering oriented disciplines cooperate within a complex and dynamic relationship network, have composed a vast experience accumulated during the journey started with sector specific services and therefore have gained the ability to serve for different sectors. MESH defined their core business areas as Advanced Engineering Solutions that include Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and Software Systems that are composed of development of smart engineering/business management software applications.

Advanced Engineering Solutions
MESH recruits a powerful staff that is educated in Naval Architecture, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering fields. MESH's expert staff has around ten (10) years of experience on static and dynamic analysis of fixed/moving marine, land and air structures by using Finite Element Method as well as hydrodynamic and aerodynamic analysis with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and finally noise and vibration analysis using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). The purpose of Advanced Engineering department is prove that structures that are to be used by people have sufficient endurance, reliability and ability to meet the requirements by realizing verification and improvement of engineering design with the help of appropriate advanced engineering tools.

Software Systems
MESH started to work software system development to ease and fasten the ship design activities. In a short period of time MESH has been able to expand the service and product portfolio and managed to develop software products for shipbuilding, document and project management. As a result of these works MESH present smart and user-friendly software applications for ship design and building, document management and finally project and business management.