Delta Marine provides to customers integrated design and engineering services in merchant and naval shipbuilding projects of different types and tonnage. Starting from the birth of the idea to build a ship until the ship is put in service and afterwards in operations such as maintenance, repair or conversion during the ship's lifetime, Delta Marine fulfills to various engineering needs timely and with high quality.

Among the service portfolio there are concept design which is the starting point of the shipbuilding project and where main characteristics of the ship are determined, contractual design which is developed according to national and international rules and verified by advanced engineering analyses, production engineering that comprises all engineering and workmanship documentation are produced, post-production services which includes operational works at the end of the building process and finally engineering management services which are needed to manage the shipbuilding project in terms of scope, time, budget and quality.

Delta Marine always cares about customer needs and requirements when developing new designs as well as some important aspects such as updated rules and regulations to be followed depending on ship type, physical conditions of the shipyard where the building will take place, specifications of material and equipment to be used in the ship and at last new trends and criteria which are followed and generally accepted in the World.