It is an incontestable right for a ship owner to be sure that the quality of the building process of the ship on which a big investment is made, is to be under control. Delta Marine is able to provide supervision services with their experienced staff that has accomplished duties onboard ships and provided this kind of services in the past for different projects. In order to guarantee that different working disciplines such as hull construction, piping, HVAC, electrical, furniture, fitting, etc. are integrated with coordination and required quality is maintained, supervision and control activities are carried out in the shipyard where the building project takes place. Within the scope of these activities special attention is paid to check that the workers and subcontractors finish their work on time and in consistence with the design, to guarantee that work performed complies with the technical specification and/or customer requirements, to control the supply process of the procured material and equipment for timely and safe delivery and installation onboard. As a result of supervision and control engineering activities periodical reports are prepared and sent to owner to ensure that accurate and most updated information about the project is provided.